About me

My psychotherapy work is supervised by accredited psychoanalytic supervisors. I am an accredited member of UKCP and a member of The Guild of Psychotherapists. Both of these organisations provide an ethical framework I am obliged to abide by.

I have experience working one to one with adults in private practice, at the Guild of Psychotherapists Reduced-fee Clinic, in Mandy Saligari’s Charter clinic, where I also co-facilitated a regular psychotherapy group, and in the NHS.

As well as being a psychotherapist I have studied English literature and spent many years working in universities. My DPhil thought about the relation between poetic thinking, writing and life in the work of the great nineteenth-century poet Robert Browning. Literature, painting and other art forms inspire and influence my practice.

At Oxford in the early 80s I began to read the writings of Jacques Derrida, whose thinking and writing on psychoanalysis and everything else remains very important to me. Here I also began to read philosophy and psychoanalytic writing. At university I also first came across the work of Leo Bersani, and in the early 90s heard Hélène Cixous give an unforgettable lecture on freedom. These writers interest me deeply for the courage, complexity, brilliance and truthfulness of their insight into the processes and obstacles of life.

I read, write, edit academic  journals and occasionally give papers in a way that engages psychoanalysis, literature, philosophy and the concerns they illuminate. I am an editor of Oxford Literary Review , with an issue due out this summer under the title Ext: Writing Extinction. I am also an editor of Angelaki and have put together special issues  Home and Family and Hotel Psychoanalysis.

Reading and writing, like psychotherapy, are ways of picking up vital things that can go unnoticed. They make it possible to say things that have not yet been said. They demonstrate the overlooked interactions and relations that go on between people, and between us and the non-human world.